• What Is Art Therapy?
    Art therapy is the therapeutic use of art making. It combines the creative process of visual art and psychotherapy as a means of improving mental health and well-being. Sometimes thought and feelings are better expressed in images...
  • What To Expect
    Art therapy may be experienced as a group process or as individual counselling, in the context of a professional therapeutic relationship. A variety of art media is used, including pencils, pastels, paint, chalk, clay and paper. Colour...
  • Who Can Benefit?
    Art therapy is helpful for people of all ages: children, youth, adults and seniors. Artistic skill and a creative background are not needed to participate. Art therapists work in various settings such as schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres...

Using Art
For Healing

Since 2004, Marillyn has integrated the therapeutic use of art-making to improve the mental health and well-being of her clients.
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You are invited to come and meet Marillyn, tour the studio and learn more about art therapy. Marillyn will answer your questions and this will help you to decide if art therapy is a good fit for your needs. The studio is located in Micksburg, about 20 minutes from Pembroke, Ontario.

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