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What Is An Art Therapist?

Is a professional trained in both art and psychotherapy. May work as the primary therapist in private practise. May provide services as part of a team, which may include professionals such as psychologists, nurses, social workers and teachers. The usual requirements for becoming an art therapist are a university degree and two years post-graduate training…
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How Does Art Therapy Work?

Art can be considered a type of language that uses symbols and metaphors which have their origins in the unconscious. Because art uses symbols, it can be an effective way of reaching what is lost or hidden. Art offers a different way to express thoughts, feelings and memories through creative thinking and by the physical…
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Professional Approach

As a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), I am a psychotherapist who primarily uses art therapy when working with clients. I respect the uniqueness of the client-therapist therapeutic relationship which is carefully maintained, as is client confidentiality. Confidentiality is extended to the art pieces themselves. Written permission is obtained in…
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Distinctive Therapeutic Features Offered by Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an alternative form of expression, a different “language”. It is particularly useful when a verbal description or expression seems inadequate. The visual dimension of art therapy enables a subtler, sometimes more detailed and definitely very personal statement to be made. Feelings, emotions, sensations and fleeting or dissociated memories can be expressed through…
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